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5 Mindfulness Practices to Adopt this Autumn

Every year, autumn offers us a wonderful opportunity to slow down our everyday lives and settle into a state of quiet contemplation. Cultivating a consistent mindfulness practice can make the transition to shorter, colder days something worth coveting. Keep reading for our 5 favorite ways to embrace the season.

1. Forest bathing

A beautiful practice with its origins in Japanese culture, shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is a simple way of grounding yourself to the earth while also opening your heart to a deeper sense of gratitude and connection with the natural world around us. Read more about forest bathing here.

2. Baking a favorite seasonal treat

Bake those bad vibes away! Getting in the kitchen and whipping up something, especially for someone you love, can act as a huge stress reliever. This article by the Huffington Post delves into the psychology behind why baking can feel so good, naming mindfulness as a primary component. Not sure what to bake? Try our recipe for organic pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or maybe an organic whole grain apple coffee cake.

3. Practicing hot yoga

Zone out by zenning out. Get out of the cold and into the studio by cultivating a hot yoga practice. There are numerous benefits cited, including the release of toxins from the body, improved circulation, and stronger immunity. Now that's what we mean by getting in a good sweat.

4. Lighting candles in the evening

Channel some serious hygge energy by opting for soft candlelight when the sun goes down. Candles may help provide a more calming and mindful environment, paving the way for a more relaxing evening routine. Read The Chill Times blog here for 6 amazing upsides to creating a candlelit atmosphere.

5. Meditation

Meditation, while one of the most highly-encouraged wellness practices for a greater sense of inner peace, can be incredibly hard to not only do, but do on a consistent basis. Apps like Calm and Headspace can help immensely in setting reminders for your practice and offering guided meditations that can help keep your wandering mind on-track.

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