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Kale, Radicchio & Pesto Salad with Spelt Berries

This salad has everything you'd want on your plate: acid, healthy fats, leafy greens and whole grain deliciousness.


2 C kale, massaged in lemon juice & olive oil

1 head radicchio lettuce, chopped

1/2 C Organic Grains Spelt Berries, cooked

1/2 C pesto (we used this recipe from Food52)

1/4 C almonds, chopped

1 avocado

2 eggs, soft-boiled

Cracked pepper, to taste

Red pepper flakes, to taste


1. Cook the Organic Grains Spelt Berries according to these instructions

3. While the spelt cook, rinse and chop the kale into bite-sized pieces

4. Massage kale in lemon juice and olive oil, until wilted

5. Let kale rest in the fridge until you are ready to assemble the salad

6. Rinse and chop the radicchio, avocado and almonds; set aside

7. Soft boil the eggs in boiling water for 6-7 minutes, immediately immersing in an ice bath after they have cooked

8. Remove the shells from the eggs, cut in half, and set aside

9. Once all the elements have been cooked, assemble the salad

10. Top with a healthy serving of pesto, cracked pepper, and red pepper flakes

11. Enjoy!

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